The Bourne franchise, at least with Matt Damon and director Paul Greengrass (Green Zone, Bourne 2 and 3, Flight 93, Bloody Sunday, The Theory of Flight), seemed to be on permanent hold (until, of course, the inevitable reboot with a younger actor and a different director), but that might not be the case anymore. Deadline broke the news earlier today that screenwriter-director Tony Gilroy (Duplicity, Michael Clayton) has signed on to write a treatment for a fourth entry in the Bourne Franchise, tentatively titled The Bourne Legacy.

When The Bourne Ultimatum came out, Damon and Greengrass made it clear that they were done with the franchise. The trilogy completed, the circle, closed, etc., etc., etc., but with Damon and Greengrass' last film, Green Zone, a fictionalized take on the hunt for weapons of mass destruction in post-war Iraq (circa 2003), a bomb (no one, regardless of their political beliefs wanted to see anoother Iraq War-set film, at least not yet), Damon, and possibly Greengrass, may revisit the Bourne franchise one(?) last time.

With the Bond franchise also on hold until MGM's precarious financial situation gets resolved (and who knows when that will happen), a fourth Bourne film may not be such a bad idea. But does the world, as in the movie-going public, need, or to be less hyperbolic, want another Bourne film? That's the question of the hour. Here's my take on it.
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