There have plenty of shows in recent years that I've been bummed to see on the receiving end of the programming ax, but I've never been compelled enough to join any of the fan campaigns to bring said shows back. Maybe I'm not as big a fan of shows like Journeyman or Veronica Mars as I thought I was. Or, more accurately, maybe I just don't think sending network executives candybars is going to bring a show back from the dead. I do like reading about these fan-run resurrection campaigns, though, and I think the recently unveiled Save FlashForward plan may just be my favorite so far.

On June 10th, FlashForward fans the world over are planning on grouping up in public places and then pretending to blackout simultaneously for 2 minutes and 17 seconds in the exact same fashion as the show's opener. And you know what? I actually think that's a pretty great idea. I don't think it will cause ABC to shell out for a second season, but all of the talk it will generate (assuming sufficient enough numbers of fans can pull this off) should surely raise the show's public profile a tad. Even if it doesn't, it should make for some good YouTube fodder.

If you'd like to get in on the "fall to the ground so everyone around you thinks you're dead" fun, hop over to the campaigns official website. Oh, and you might want to either pick a soft spot to fall on or invest in a helmet.
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