Remember that Criss Angel-type guy we told you about who'd be replacing Roddy McDowell's Peter Vincent in the new Fright Night? Now you can stop picturing him as the gothic illusionist and imagine him to look like the man who'll actually be portraying him, Dr. Who's David Tennant. According to THR, this time around Vincent will be a Las Vegas magician who utilizes horror-movie imagery during his show. He claims to know everything and anything about vampires, but when Charley (Anton Yelchin) calls upon him to help him out with his bloodsucker problem, Charley doesn't receive the assistance he hoped for.

But wait, there's more. The role of Evil Ed has also been filled by none other than the most fantastically unusual best friend, McLovin himself, Christopher Minzt-Plasse. Evil Ed is Charley's best pal who gets pissed when Charley ditches his nerdy persona and retaliates by joining Jerry (Colin Farrell) as a vampire.

If the whole Vegas twist turned your stomach, this casting news should certainly straighten that out. While I've never seen Doctor Who, I've heard only the best of Tennant. Plus, he was terribly creepy as Barty Crouch Jr. in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. As for Minzt-Plasse's casting, what's there to say? Ever since he debuted in Superbad, he's delivered the best of the best, save for Year One. But that was only a small role, so I'll let that slide and I've yet to see Marmaduke, so he's getting a free pass on that one as well.

So now we've got our Charley, Jerry, Charley's mother (Toni Collette), Vincent and Evil Ed. Who's left? The love interest, of course; Charley's girlfriend Amy. Perhaps this stems from Tennant's casting, but I can picture Emma Watson in the role. Any thoughts?
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