Harrison Ford as Indiana JonesHaving battled Nazis, Russians, tribesmen, aliens and George Lucas' ineptitude, rumours are now abound that Indiana Jones is set to tackle his biggest foe yet – geometry. Yes, he is planning to go into battle with a triangle - and not just any triangle though - the Bermuda triangle ("180˚ of terror!" – possible tag line, use it or not, we don't mind).

This is mere speculation and gossip though concerning a potential Indiana Jones 5, coming as it does from an unnamed source reporting to Kiwi publication Stuff.

Here's what they say: "George (Lucas) and Steven (Spielberg) have been working on a script and it's almost there. Harrison is on stand-by for filming next year. This looks like being an emotional and exciting conclusion to the franchise, with Indy facing his biggest challenge yet... This will be a blockbuster made in the old fashioned way rather than the CGI efforts of the last movie."

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