Tom Cruise as Les GrossmanI am a video game-playing geek. I spent endless hours playing 'Mortal Kombat' at arcades. Well, there is a new viral video on the net that gives a new take on the game. I'll give you the scoop on what it all might mean. Check out the video here. And if you love the Sonya Blade fan art we used in the piece, check out what else artist Vincent Proce has here. (Source: Chud)

Les Grossman is a media mogul. He's a foul-mouthed man who gets what he wants. He wears large jewelry and does quite a dance number to the song 'Low.' He's also a fictional character played by superstar Tom Cruise. I'm sure you saw the skits he did on the MTV Movie Awards. Quite a bit of bleeping out swear words. So what's next for the king of Hollywood? I'll let you know. (Source: EOnline) Check out the video after the jump.