Scene from InceptionLet me tell you a story... when I was a film student making my final graduation piece my group found ourselves suddenly in a disastrous situation – our small campus studio had been inexplicably booked up by a big Hollywood film and seemingly all of the lighting equipment in London had gone the same way.

The Hollywood film was The Dark Knight and the man behind our quandary was director Christopher Nolan. To be honest, and we're sure you'll agree, Batman was worth our inconvenience. That was 2007 and now, three years later, he's back with Inception – a mind boggling action thriller starring Leonardo Di Caprio, Ellen Page and Joseph Gordon-Levitt which looks, frankly, amazing and (bonus) didn't cause me to fail any undergraduate degrees.

Well now a new featurette on Inception has been released with a few glimpses of unseen action and interviews with Nolan and DiCaprio which shed a little bit more light on the mysterious project.

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