Thanks to DVD and Blu-ray, Japanese cult cinema is bigger than ever here in America. Venerable Japanese studio Nikkatsu announced they were getting in on the action last November, when they unveiled their new Sushi Typhoon imprint. Designed to produce low-budget cult cinema for distribution in Japan and America (think movies like Tokyo Gore Police or Robo-Geisha and you're on the right track), the company has finally unveiled the official trailer for their first offering: Alien vs. Ninja.

The film follows a group of ninja warriors who encounter an enemy unlike any they've ever faced when an alien ship crash-lands in the nearby forest. The aliens (guys in slimy rubber suits ... ) decimate the clan -- who then vow to avenge their fallen comrades, even though their weapons are ineffective against the extra-terrestrials. What a conundrum.

Using a mixture of over-the-top gore effects (a staple element of the new wave of cult Japanese cinema) and cheesy looking CGI, AVN plays like a poor man's version of Predator -- with ninjas. The title has a surprising pedigree, having been directed by Seiji Chiba -- who has some previous ninja film experience according to Twitch -- and featuring action choreography from Yuji Shimomura (who performed similar duties on Ryuhei Kitamura's Versus).

AVN is set to make its world premiere on July 3rd as part of the New York Asian Film Festival. Attendees will have an opportunity to not only see the film, but meet with Chiba and Shimomura, who will be on hand to promote the project and the rest of Sushi Typhoon's upcoming releases.

Hit the jump for a look at the trailer. What do you think? Too cheap and cheesy looking for your tastes or are these Sushi Typhoon films set to become a regular part of your cinematic diet?