If you've spent any amount of time on the internet, you've probably come across Rubber Johnny. Your response to this six minutes of WTF was probably the same as mine, the familiar internet meme of "Kill it with fire!" Still, I would be remiss not to bring it up in case one of you little beasties missed it in it's original explosion of popularity back in 2005. I still queue this one up every few months. I watch it, recoiling in my office chair. Then I go take a shower.

Rubber Johnny is an experimental film from director Chris Cunnhingham. Cunningham has a long history of directing videos for various bands like Portishead and Bjork. So yeah, the guy is no stranger to weird with a capital 'W'. It started off as a promotional video for an Aphex Twin song, "afx237 v7", but then it mutated into something awesome and disgusting. Cunningham's initial vision of it was that of a raver morphing as he danced. He liked what he had so much that over the next 3 years, he employed a variety of effects - puppetry, CGI, etc - to come up with the bizarre clip you'll see after the jump.

If ever there was a band fit to score a horror movie, it's Aphex Twin. There are a handful of other videos from these deviants that while not as disturbing as what you're about to see, they'll definitely get under your skin. The entire affair is shot in night vision, which we all know, thanks to REC, is a spooky way to obscure your horror and cast it in an alien light.

Check out the video past the jump. I'm a huge proponent of equal treatment of those born with birth defects, but if I were to see something like this - in any setting - I would shoot it with a shotgun. In the face.
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