While at a film press junket you might expect to see prepping reporters, frazzled publicists, all done up celebs, but a snake? Getting a glimpse of a slithering reptile might catch me by surprise, but while doing an interview with Extra's Terri Seymour for her upcoming film Grown Ups, a scaly visitor sent Salma Hayek up out of her seat and onto co-star Maya Rudolph.

Upon setting eyes on the critter, Seymour makes a swift exit, but Hayek, Rudolph and Maria Bello aren't as lucky. It's amusing enough to see Hayek and Bello hop up onto their chairs but the hilarity comes when Hayek decides that's not enough and literally steps all over Rudolph. Oh yeah, and she's screaming bloody murder the entire time. After her performance in From Dusk Till Dawn, you'd think Hayek would be comfortable handling this kind of situation.

When asked what happened to Hayek post close encounters of the serpent kind, Rudolph joked, "She split. She's on the next plane." Bello added, "She's in the hospital." I've got high hopes for Grown Ups, but I don't see how anything in that movie can top this moment. Part of me even feels guilty for laughing at this video. If someone came at me with a jar of bees Defendor style or a dentist's drill, I might have the same reaction.

Check out the hilarity for yourself after the jump courtesy of Extra (via Vulture).