Godfather, Casablanca, E.T.

Admit it. There's one movie (at least one) that you've never seen, that's part of the popular culture, that you keep meaning to see and really should have seen -- but for whatever reason, you haven't.

So you're at a cocktail party, or at work, or hanging out with your friends. The subject of that movie comes up. And as everyone enthusiastically chats away about it, you're forced to admit, "I've never seen ____." The universal response: "WHAT?!"

Just like everyone else, we here at Moviefone know what that feels like. In fact, though we pride ourselves on being big movie fans, we, too, have our deep, shameful unseen-movie secrets -- and in the matter of full disclosure and maximum embarrassment, we (and some of our friends) are now sharing them with you.

We know, we know. We'll put these movies in our Netflix queues, we promise. But before you start judging us, we turn the same question back on you: What movie have YOU never seen? Tell us in the comments or tweet it: @moviefone #neverseenit (WHAT?!)
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