Okay you 3D fiends out there. You love all those crappy after-the-fact transfers, wearing glasses to watch TV and movies, and the thought of all entertainment entering the third dimension, as if 2D-to-3D is as logical a progression as VHS to DVD? Then deal with your cooties!

No, I'm not just being juvenile. I'm just referencing the fact that the sanitary issues we joke about when it comes to reusable 3D glasses are actually true. You've made a wisecrack about it, right? Someone from theater personnel hands you some glasses, and you hope that they're sanitized properly because it's not as simple as sitting in the same seat as a germy person, but rather slipping germ-infested glasses onto your face -- resting against your eyes and some of your body's most important property.

A new study found your worst fears to be true: There's a good chance those glasses aren't sterile, and you'll definitely want to know what folks are finding once the glasses are put under a microscope ...
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