The little known skill of alien taxidermy is an art. An under-appreciated, completely overlooked art, but art is art. Some people don't believe that it exists, saying things like "UFOs aren't real!" and "That's obviously made of rubber, why are you trying to deceive me with these petty lies?" I retort:

1. Yes, they are real.

2. You have obviously never felt the skin texture of a creature from beyond the stars, so you better shut that mouth before I throw my 100% authentic extraterrestrial epidermis at you.

Why am I rambling on about alien taxidermy when I could be doing more important things like sending my spare change to third world countries, boycotting Sea World, criticizing BP on Twitter and searching for the latest tasteless internet video featuring South American prostitutes destroying whatever humanity they have left for my spare change that was intended for Africa but actually got re-routed to a Brazilian drug dealer?

Because I have seen this alien throw-rug
. And I want it.
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