Green LanternThe first movie is still a year away and Warner Brothers is already gearing up for a franchise. The company has hired a couple of television veterans to write a treatment for Green Lantern 2 (which I sincerely hope is a tentative title). They're also trying to move The Flash to the big screen.

That makes the DC superheroes Superman, Batman, Green Lantern and The Flash heading to the movie theaters. There have been attempts at Shazam! and Wonder Woman (with Joss Whedon writing and directing) but those have remained in development Hell. All this development does show a renewed confidence in Warner Brother's superhero franchises, or perhaps they're just sick of getting stomped at the box office by the Marvel movies.

Green Lantern has always been one of my favorite DC heroes and I look forward to seeing him on the big screen. The creative folks involved are even setting up the first movie with the intent of a sequel, and that's the proper way to develop a franchise.
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