News that Jennifer Love Hewitt is pitching herself to Warner Brothers to take the lead in their long-gestating Wonder Woman film has the 16-year old teen in me engaged with a battle to the death with my more rationale, slightly less sex obsessed adult self. On the one hand, my younger self would have sacrificed neighborhood pets if it meant seeing Jennifer Love Hewitt wearing Wonder Woman's corset for two hours. On the other hand, I know that's just not a good idea.

It will never happen, of course. A Wonder Woman film may one day break free of its production curse (it seemed for a while like Joss Whedon may have actually been able to get it off the ground, but alas that never came to pass), but I will be flabbergasted if Hewitt ends up with the role. I think she's a great looking gal and a decent actress, but she's just not superhero material. Give her a show like Ghost Whisperer, and she can nail it, but carrying a huge blockbuster movie on her back? I just don't see it happening.

For Hewitt, I'm guessing the only thing that will come of her pursuit of the role will be heartbreak. However, for the male population the world over I'm sure this is great news: Even if she doesn't get the role, the fan Photoshops of JLH as WW should be flooding the net any minute now.
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