Remember Jennifer Love Hewitt? And remember how maybe one day there will be a Wonder Woman movie? Now, take those two faint memories and put them together for the most stale news you might hear all day: Jennifer Love Hewitt really wants to play Wonder Woman, aka Princess Diana, whenever Warner Bros. gets the adaptation greenlit. Not only does she want the part, but she's "fighting so hard" to get it, according to a statement quoted by WENN. "I really want to play Wonder Woman," she continued. "I'm obsessed with Wonder Woman."

It's not the first time Hewitt has mentioned her desire to take on the DC Comics superheroine. Last summer she told MTV News that she wanted the role "really badly" and pointed out that she's curvaceous and athletic enough and that the gold bracelets would look great on her wrists. But at only 5'2", isn't she a little short for the role of the Amazon princess? And isn't her fame a little short these days, as well? The last big screen appearance she made was in Garfield: A Tale of Two Kitties. Perhaps if there's ever another Wonder Woman TV series, the Ghost Whisperer star would be best suited for that.
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