How do you make a monsters-attack-cities movie, based on a monsters-attack-cities game, which is itself based on Godzilla, King Kong, Gamara, War of the Worlds, and every movie like them? I don't know, but according to THR's Heat Vision, John August is the man who may accomplish this meta task.

DreamWorks bought the rights to Monsterpocalypse from Desperado last month, with an eye to giving it to Tim Burton to direct. Burton still hasn't decided whether or not to delay Dark Shadows and accept the chair. The choice of August as screenwriter may tilt the scales for him though, as they've collaborated on numerous projects together, including Burton's long discussed Dark Shadows remake. But Shadows could be tied up in Johnny Depp's schedule conflicts, as he's supposed to be tackling Pirates of the Caribbean 4 later this summer.

The studio is anxious to get Monsterpocalypse up and running. The game launched last year, and has become a major obsession among the tabletop gamers. Stores can't keep the figures and boards in, and Desperado has launched a spin-off comic series to capitalize on the popularity. Its first convention, MonCon, was held just a few weeks ago in Oklahoma. While the game hasn't really hit a mainstream consciousness yet (it's not as though you see it at Target), a Burton-helmed movie could turn it into a mega industry fueled entirely by Hot Topic. Can you say that for Dark Shadows? Yes. But this movie could turn Burton permanently into Ed Wood (with, perhaps, a dash of Michael Bay), and thus it feels meant to be.
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