Leave it to a movie star to swoop in all heroic (and angry) and help save the day in the face of a horrible environmental crisis. Say what you will about your least-favorite Kevin Costner movies, but as of today I consider the guy sort of a hero. According to Examiner.com and CBS News, the oil company responsible for the horrific "spill" has purchased 32 of Mr. Costner's purifying machines. The system apparently has a very high success rate at removing oil from water, and it seems that the Untouchables star has invested about 20 million of his own dollars into the project over the last several years.

While speaking to lawmakers on Capitol Hill, the actor/director seemed both hopeful and frustrated. Hopeful that his (or any) machines might help to remove the massive oil deposit, and frustrated because, well, everyone knew about his machines years ago, but they were met with general "apathy." Sort of like how we're apathetic about a dangerous intersection ... until some poor teenagers get killed there.

We here at Cinematical would like to applaud Mr. Costner's efforts on behalf of basic environmental safety. We'd be equally impressed if it were a geologist or a scientist, but there's something a little bit "cool" about getting bona fide HELP from a big-time movie star. As Erik Davis says, "When they make a movie about this oil spill, Costner should totally play himself." As for me ... I'll never look at Waterworld the same way again.

Take a look at what Costner has to say in a CBS video right after the jump!
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