It took Mortal Kombat long enough to offend me. Nothing about the fighting game's violence has ever been that shocking to me, no matter how many parents and politicians railed against it. The fatalities have always been more or less digital representations of what the "bad" cool kids in elementary school might scribble on their book covers -- people getting sliced down the middle, turning into skeletons, freezing into a block of ice, or having their spine removed cleanly. It's all too heavy metal-stupid for me to get worked up over.

Earlier this week, a Mortal Kombatshort debuted from director Kevin Tancharoen (Fame) as an interest reel, hoping to win himself a job as the director of the next Mortal Kombat movie. I was snobby and dismissive of the trailer right off the bat; there are two terrible Mortal Kombat movies already (one more terrible than the other) -- Why would anyone in 2010 get excited over the prospect of another Mortal Kombat flick?

Peer pressure is strong, though. I'm not so bull-headed that I wouldn't give something truly incredible a chance, and that's what I kept hearing about the clip. Awesome. Spectacular. Amazing. I may not be a Mortal Kombat fan (though I played the heck out of Mortal Kombat II, the peak of the series, way back when), but I am a fan of awesome, spectacular, and amazing things. I decided to go ahead and give it a shot.

It was barely a couple of minutes in before I couldn't watch another second.