Over the last few months, about the only news story to grab more headlines than the BP oil spill is the continuing saga of America's sudden sweetheart, Sandra Bullock. So when reports emerged that she had agreed to her first project since winning an Oscar for 'The Blind Side,' more tongues began wagging than a pack of dogs inside a steakhouse. Now, though, Bullock's agents have issued a statement: Not so fast.

Yes, according to the Los Angeles Times, Bullock would like everyone to chill out a little bit, because her reported role in 'Most Wanted' will apparently not be her next project. Bullock's participation in the film, a romantic comedy that would re-team her with 'The Proposal' co-star Ryan Reynolds, was announced earlier this week to a flurry of groans from the media, who were hoping for more Oscar-bait from the actress instead of a return to lighter fare.
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