Anyone who's gone to sleepaway camp is well aware of the candy hiding tradition. You arrive with a backpack stuffed with the best of the best and then hide your stash in the most obscure places throughout the bunk, some of which you'll likely forget about until it's time to pack up and go home. Looking back, I probably took the venture way too seriously; it's not like I went to fat camp.

For Heavyweights' Gerald Garner (Aaron Schwartz) and his new bunkmates at Camp Hope, it's a different story. The boys think they've got the art of candy concealing down, but when the longtime camp owners, the Bushkins, are replaced with fitness fiend and all-around whacko, Tony Perkis (Ben Stiller), even their best hiding spots can't fool the man who's got no problem cancelling lunch for a day, "due to lack of hustle."

The scene is fantastically crafty, making the viewer feel as though Tony is threatening to take the boys' lives rather than just their Oreos. While giving a terrifyingly twisted version of a motivational speech, Tony proceeds to slash open a camper's mattress in search of the goods, where he locates what I once thought to be the perfect secret spot, inside a hollow bedpost. You think that's bad? Then Tony moves to truly painful tactics, luring Roy (Kenan Thompson) in for a hug, just to give him a quick frisk resulting in the confiscation of his Pez.