So maybe you've heard about this oil spill off the Gulf Coast of the United States. You know, the one that's been gushing forth ever since April 20th's tragic drilling rig explosion. Waterworld star Kevin Costner is already assisting with the clean-up, this after the government welcomed director James Cameron's offers to help drum up solutions, only to be reportedly blown off by the brilliant minds at BP.

Don't worry -- we're not about to get on a soapbox here at Cinematical. In fact, we're here to help and, as always, we're looking to the movies in order to do so (except for On Deadly Ground; no, I haven't seen On Deadly Ground). For starters, let's wonder how a couple of Cameron's characters might have handled this scenario...

1. Virgil "Bud" Brigman (Ed Harris) from The Abyss (1989) -- Bud thinks something's afoot with this whole spill and travels down to the depths on little more than a hunch, bringing his estranged son (Sam Worthington, natch) along for the ride. Sure enough, it's those NTIs acting up again, retaliating against humanity with an oil spill as they had with the threat of tsunamis before (well, in the Special Edition anyway). Bud demonstrates his newfound bond with his boy, pinky-swears with a water tentacle to make people care more about the environment, and leaving the alien force to instantly retract the entire spill from the ocean. There is much hugging, rejoicing, learned lessons, etc.
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