It should come as no surprise that Warner Bros is looking to make more than one Green Lanternfilm. We know that film number one (currently shooting in Louisiana as we speak) centers on Hal Jordan getting the ring, fighting Dr. Hector Hammond, and learning his way around the Corps. His foe, Sinestro, is still his friend and teacher and won't be causing trouble until a later film.

But the speed at which Warner Bros is working is still rather startling. According to THR's Heat Vision, the studio has put Greg Berlanti, Michael Green, and Marc Guggenheim to work on The Green Lantern 2. It's rare to essentially green-light a sequel before filming has stopped (even Iron Man 2 wasn't penned until after #1 had hit DVD shelves) and it suggests everyone is pretty darn confident in what they see.

The trio will also be working on a treatment for The Flash, a hero that's been in development for so long that any news feels moot. While fans may feel a slight stirring of excitement that fingers are hitting keyboards, you may want to resist since GL2 and The Flash will be penned simultaneously. Whichever one the studio likes better will get its screenplay first. Berlanti & Co will only write one of the screenplays. Presumably, another team will be brought on to develop whatever treatment they drop.

Will The Flash be forced to stop in his tracks again? I hope not, for the fans sake, but it's hard to believe they'll put Lantern on the backburner for Flash. Then again, Geoff Johns' promotion to DCE's chief creative officer may give Flash some weight. He's the pen behind Flash's current run, and THR says that's the storyline they will draw the movie from. Barry Allen will be the Flash, and no one else. Sorry, Golden Age and Wally West fans.
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