Best of the New Releases: Shutter Island

Somehow I missed Shutter Island while it was in theaters. I can't wait to check it out on Blu-ray, particularly since I have magically remained unspoiled on it. Scorsese has an unbelievable track record and I love that he's branching out a bit into what appears to be some awesome psychological horror. Say what you will about DiCaprio, but at this point I love seeing his name attached to big projects. I like his swagger and style and think he's incredibly talented. Working with Scorsese is a great one-two punch as their relationship as actor and director seems perfectly matched. I hope they can continue to work together and I'm looking forward to placing Shutter Island on the shelf right next to The Departed.

Also out this week is a new film called The Cry of the Owl starring Julia Stiles and the simply incomparable Paddy Considine. Based on a novel by Patricia Highsmith, she of The Talented Mr. Ripley fame, this one is more of a revenge thriller, but hey it's a slooooooow week and if you're unfamiliar with Paddy Considine, you should really familiarize yourself with his work. Start with Shane Meadows awesome revenge flick Dead Man's Shoes and go from there. Seeing Considine's name in the credits is like seeing a seal of quality. I know this puts me in the minority, but I actually dig Stiles. Despite it's horrible title, I'm still holding out hope for this direct-to-video title.
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