If you haven't read Hack/Slash, Tim Seeley's ongoing series about a slasher-hunter named Cassie Hack, then you may just be wondering what exactly a slasher-hunter is. It's exactly what it sounds like, actually. When Cassie was a little girl, her over-protective mother, who was also the lunch lady at her school, went on a killing spree by turning all of Cassie's bullies into lunch meat. Forever altered by the event, Cassie dedicated her grownup life to roaming the American countryside and stopping slashers wherever they may strike.

So if you love the classic slasher sensibilities of the '80s, Hack/Slash is a wry, intelligent, and sexy tribute to the genre niche. And if you love Dexter, the serial killer with a heart, and Jason, the slasher whose heart never stops beating, then Seeley has got one hell of project for you: Dexter vs. Jason vs. Hack/Slash.
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