I have a love/hate relationship (probably closer to hate/hate) with YouTube makeup tutorials. A tiny bit of eye makeup and a little lipstick or lip gloss is the extent of my everyday wear. I save the heavier application for an evening out, and you will never find me wearing foundation or face makeup -- it feels like war paint. Now and then I've peeked at a few videos for some new makeup ideas, but it's rare that I can actually sit through an entire clip. The girls are usually wearing so much crap on their face that they look like drag queens from hell, and I don't generally take advice from squealing 17-year-old girls -- so I just end up turning it off. That all changed for me though when I saw glowpinkstah's videos.

This San Jose girlie is as snarky and hilarious as they come. And she's obviously as annoyed by these makeup videos as I am. She uses film and pop culture junk as inspiration for the comedic YouTube makeup tutorials that have helped make her a web celebrity. I'm sure you've all seen the Avatar video -- and if you haven't, then you know what your homework is. I stumbled upon her hilarious Human Centipede video today and once again, glowpinkstah does not disappoint. For the three people who haven't heard of this movie yet, in it a mad scientist surgically attaches three people entrance to exit and forces them to eat each other's feces. Swell guy.

Check out the video and some fancy jewelry after the jump ...
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