The Human Centipedeisn't just one of the barfiest horror flicks out today, it's also a growing fashion trend. You can be on the cutting edge of it with your own Human Centipede foot tattoos, a shirt available in a variety of styles, a coffee mug, and even a necktie for those important business meetings. Now you can complete your Human Centipede ensemble with a necklace from Etsy that is "an exact replica of Doctor Heiter's fiendish blue-prints." It has also been endorsed by Nick Frost.

I have some other ideas for Human Centipede merch, and you're welcome to them. How about those two- or three-finger knuckle dusters? What about panties with the centipede on the bottom and "Feed her!" on the front? A three-person Halloween costume? Sure, it will be awkward to eat candy or mingle at a party, but it's a conversation starter! (I'd be willing to bet that you will be seeing one of these at this year's Halloween parade in NYC. But none of them will get laid. Except maybe the first person.) A video game! I mean, if Antichrist has video game potential,The Human Centipede is a no-brainer. Slash fiction?

I can only imagine what kind of craftiness the second and third "segments" of the movie will bring.
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