Some casting news and confirmations for the end of the week:

- The roles of Burt and Susan Johnson have been cast for Warner Bros.' Arthur remake: Variety reports the adequately gruff Nick Nolte will play the violent, millionaire father (originally portrayed by Stephen Elliott) who wants the title character to marry his daughter, as arranged; and that wealthy heiress will be played by Jennifer Garner (Jill Eikenberry's role in the original). The trade also confirms Greta Gerwig for the Liza Minnelli role. They all join Russell Brand, as Arthur, and Helen Mirren, as his valet.

- Another confirmation from Variety:Geoffrey Rush will indeed reprise his role as Capt. Barbossa in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, in which he'll reunite with Johnny Depp and few other returning cast members. Jerry Bruckheimer had acknowledged Rush's involvement a few months back, when the producer also confirmed Penelope Cruz for the film. Other newcomers include tough guys Ian McShane and Stephen Graham, who should make Barbossa seem like a big sissy in comparison.

- Adam Scott, who you may know from his two current TV series (Party Down and Parks & Recreation) or his role as a man with an idiot brother in Step Brothers, has joined the cast of My Idiot Brother, which stars Paul Rudd as the title character. Scott will not be one of his siblings, though. Variety credits him as a neighbor to one of Rudd's sisters, who'll be played by Elizabeth Banks. Scott's Parks & Recreation co-star Rashida Jones was also recently cast, along with Zooey Deschanel and Emily Mortimer.
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