When we think of William Shakespeare, we think of flowering prose, light and dark romance, and heart-wrenching drama. Titus Andronicus, however, is another beast altogether, one that happily rests in the realms of horror, taking the most extreme reaches of Shakespeare's tragedies and then shooting it to a whole new and ghastly level. It is, in fact, so extreme that many believe that Will could never have written such pulpy, bloody horror fare. But that's what makes it so good.

It's a story that lives in how the viewer receives it. While a dark and pensive filmmaker might see despair, and offer a bleak and soul-destroying treatment, Titus Andronicus is also so horrific that it can't help but be campy. This is what Julie Taymor embraced when she filmed Titus in the late '90s, choosing to merge theatricality with despair to create a visual, moving, scary, and fun look into bloody Andronicus' downfall.