Developers Housemarque gave Sony's PlayStation Network one of its best titles with the release of their twin-stick shooter Super Stardust HD a few years ago. Today, we bring you footage of their next classic in the making, yet another twin-stick shooter entitled Dead Nation.

Dead Nation, a PlayStation exclusive, gives gamers a much cooler set of targets than Super Stardust HD -- replacing the space rocks and intergalactic aliens of that game with the walking dead. Who doesn't like mowing down waves of zombies a la Smash TV?

The title first blipped onto the radar at last year's Gamescon event, but we haven't heard much in the way of details since -- until today. Kotaku has been kind enough to share a new teaser video for the game, and it's looking fun.

The new clip features a lot of cheesy live-action wannabe zombie movie footage (and I mean that in a good way), but around the one-minute mark, things switch over to the gaming goodness we've all been craving. It's hard to get too much of a feel for how Dead Nation will play, but it looks like it has the requisite twin-stick shooter staples of cool guns and lots of enemies. Explodey things that appear to be proximity or land mines are just icing on the cake.

Jump past the break to check out the new video of the game in action. Hopefully, we'll learn more about Dead Nation at E3.
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