Did your imagination run terrifyingly wild when we told you about Evan Rachel Wood and Marilyn Manson's new film Splatter Sisters? Considering the plot details were nonexistent and all we were told was that the film would fall into the "Skinemax Cinema" genre and that it will "take the horror genre to a new level," it's understandable. Well, the details are in and while they may not cool the creepiness of the lovebirds starring in what will likely be soft-core porn doused in blood and gratuitous violence at least they provide a better sense of what we're in for.

Producer Edward R. Pressman provided MTV with a brief summary: "It's about two 18 year old beautiful drifter girls who go on a murderous rampage across California, killing scores of teenage boys. And they're under mind control by the leader of this death metal band, this underground death metal band." Sound familiar? If you caught Megan Fox in Jennifer's Body it might. In that movie, Fox's character, Jennifer Check, is the sacrifice in an indie rock band's satanic ritual. Problem is, the recipe calls for a virgin and Jennifer is far from one. What happens when you sacrifice a non-virign? She turns into a boy-eating demon. It's impossible to deny the gist of the pieces share similarities, but, writer Adam Bhala Lough has more than enough peculiarities in his story to make the film of another sort entirely.
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