The fact that child stars are often used by the Hollywood system and spit out when they're no longer cute and profitable isn't exactly news. There are dozens of cautionary tales about the perils of achieving acting success before puberty, and it often seems that for every Joseph Gordon-Levitt there are at least three Dana Platos. Rather than revel in the sadness of real people falling on hard times, the guys over at Cracked came up with a better -- and far more hilarious -- idea. They gave their readers an assignment: come up with reimaginings of famous fictional children as grown ups. Ever wonder what happened to Ferris Bueller? The answer is in the article.

There are 21 pics featured in all, and the majority of them are funny. Some of our favorites include "Crossing Over with Cole Sears" -- which seems like a perfect gig for the Sixth Sense kid once he became a grown up. Keeping with that psychic theme is an advertisement for Danny Torrance's "Learn to Shine" 3-Disc set, where the grown up survivor of King and Kubrick's The Shining teaches you how to croak the word redrum while waggling your finger.

Some of the other highlights include an older looking Danny Larusso in a "tale of the tape" graphic before his big bout with Brock Lesnar, and a snapshot of John Bender's arrest photo. Not all of the photos feature kids characters, either -- there's an Eye of Sauron and an obese Pillsbury Doughboy that are worth a few chuckles as well.

I leave the rest for you to discover on your own. Check out the gallery below and hit the comments section to share your favorites.

[via Cracked]

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