She may have already taken the stage as Joan Jett, but now it might be time for a little music-free live performance. Though her cinematic schedule is booked solid as she films On the Road and then rushes into back-to-back production on The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, it seems that Kristen Stewart is interested in stretching out her repertoire to live entertainment. According to the Daily Mail, she's been approached by London producers to make her West End stage debut overseas.

West End theater is pretty much London's version of Broadway, and the Mail claims that Stewart has met with a producer and director, who gave her a list of plays to read. Right now she's only flirting with the idea -- the plan being to read through the pile and think about stepping on stage at some point in the future, once she has a break from her seemingly endless movie roles.

But if she has her way, it won't be a big production.
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