Every time I think AMC and Frank Darabont's The Walking Dead television series can't get any more awesome, it somehow does. Last week, we were all treated to our first look at some of the show's zombies. Earlier this week we got an interview with Darabont where he states Romero's Night of the Living Dead is the show's bible when it comes to how zombies behave. Great stuff, but today's news is even cooler.

Dread Central has confirmed that Darabont has cast fan favorite actor Michael Rooker in his series. That's right, Henry is gonna fight zombies! Rooker will be playing a character named Merle -- who apparently didn't appear in Robert Kirkman's comic. No word yet on who Merle might be in the grand scheme of things, but does it really matter? It's Michael Rooker -- it's not like he's gonna screw it up.

Rooker broke the news on his Twitter stream yesterday. I highly recommend following him. He doesn't tweet often, but it's amusing when he does.

Early online reaction to Rooker's casting has been oddly mixed. Everyone seems to love the actor, but some of the comic book's most devoted fans appeared worried that Darabont is shoehorning a new character into the series early on and that it might mess up the way things develop. I suppose that's a valid concern, but I'm willing to give the director a lot of slack given that he got Michael Rooker to take on the role.

We'll know how this all works out one way or the other by October, when the series is set to debut on AMC.
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