During our interview with Vincenzo Natali, the Splice director was open about his next two potential projects, but he just did not know which one would be happening first. It was a toss up between an adaptation of J.G. Ballards' novel High Rise, which he had completed the script for years prior, and an adaptation of William Gibson's Neuromancer. And now it looks like fate has determined the toss up: Neuromancer will come first.

The news comes by way of a press release from Seven Arts Pictures announcing that Neuromancer will be produced and financed by Prodigy Pictures and Telefilm Canada. That makes this an entirely Canadian production, which I personally think is wonderful news. I'm glad to hear that Natali is continuing to work outside of the Hollywood system to make the films that he wants to make the way he wants to make them (remember, Splice was only acquired by Warner Brothers this past February; it was still independently funded and produced).

Beyond that the details are kind of lite - we don't even have a time frame for production - but we do have this little nugget: "Seven Arts sees Neuromancer as part of a potential multi film series as many of Gibson's sci-fi masterpieces have yet to be adapted to the big screen." Great news for Gibson fans, indeed. Assuming you'd like to see more Gibson on film, that is.
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