Honestly, how has this not been done yet?

Hail and well met! This weekend's foray into science fiction is the Paul Verhoeven-directed Starship Troopers. This is one of those films that I think most people love despite it being ridiculously awful, especially in the realm of acting. Whoever thought Casper Van Dien was a good choice for, well, anything, must have been smoking something incredible; however, its his incredibly overacted performance as military grunt Johnny Rico that makes the film so damned special.

Based on the book by prolific author Robert Heinlein, Starship Troopers follows a squad of military grunts as they fight off the "Bugs" from planet Klendathu. It spawned a variety of sequels that sadly lack the magic of the first one, which stars the likes of Denise Richards, Dina Meyer. Neil freaking Patrick Harris, and long-running badasses Clancy Brown and Michael Ironside. It's utterly hilarious and delightfully gory, and though I haven't read the book, I've been told it's a fairly accurate representation of the novel as a whole.

Tune in Monday as we explore the inner workings of this masterpiece of science fiction film-making (hard to say that with a straight face), and answer the question: does the brain bug look like a giant vagina?
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