If there's anything that the oil spill in the gulf has proved, it's that we're pretty close to finding away to officially end the planet Earth. We've not only managed to spill tens of millions of barrels worth of Texas tea, we managed to light that spill on fire. We've started a fire under water in the Gulf of Mexico. With that kind of ingenuity, we'll soon find a way to transform all plastic products into acid and grow living beds that will eat us in our sleep.

Yep, science is still continuing to prove that we're all doomed, both on the homefront and in the deepest reaches of outer space. I dare you to try to be an optimist in this modern world. We know too much to ever feel safe again. Worst of all, if you think you can prepare for any danger by utilizing modern technology to ready yourself for the surely-upcoming apocalypse, think again. The internet is only making you stupid.
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