Cowboy bootsWhen you think about the American movie business, chances are you'll picture the Hollywood sign standing proud above Los Angeles or the steamy streets of New York, with its glitz, glamour and grit. Well, maybe it's time to consider another major player in the business of cinema: Texas.

The second largest state in the US, has been providing locations for movies since the first cameras started rolling over a hundred years ago, its rugged landscape, arid desert, rolling prairies and beautiful cities providing a backdrop for a huge array of motion pictures productions.

Remarkably, the film Wings, which was set in Texas, won an Oscar way back in 1927 and since then the state has continued to produce multi award winning films, like The Last Picture Show and No Country For Old Men (see below for more on those). The 1984 Academy Awards were a particular triumph with seven out of eight of the top Oscar winning films being mostly set in Texas.

So, for all you movie lovers out there with the urge to travel, we have seven reasons why you should visit the Lone Star State after the jump...
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