If you were still growing up in or around 1984, like me you might still carry a torch for John G. Avildsen's The Karate Kid. It's hard enough to create one lasting tale of an underdog in such a dime-a-dozen genre, let alone the rarity of creating two of the best ever, along with Rocky. (Although David Anspaugh did a pretty nice job with Hoosiers and Rudy too.) The formula is almost always a done deal and we know it is going to end with a big game and a victory for our heroes. Remaking that formula with an already existing property seems doubly pointless and some of you, like me, wish you could join in the protest of remakes starting with one from the director of The Pink Panther 2. Even if you possess a mild curiosity towards the 2010 edition of The Karate Kid, you may as well save your money because you have already seen it. In fact, it might be the closest scene-for-scene remake to come along since Gus Van Sant's Psycho - and I've got 15 ways to prove it.

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