One of the regular features here on Horror Squad is Brian Salisbury's Terror Tuesday Report. Every Tuesday night at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, Texas, programmer Zach Carlson hosts Terror Tuesday, a weekly event sponsored by Vulcan Video designed to bring to you the best in 70s and 80s horror cinema. Brian, being the crazed horror fanatic that he is, attends every Tuesday and presents to you fine folks a recap of the night's events and an informal review of the film.

Since I don't live in Austin (I'm not a big supporter of heat), I'm convinced he does this solely to rub in my face the fact that they have the greatest movie scene in the country. When I first moved to Denver I was jealous, but as time passed, I realized our film scene, although a tad bit smaller, doesn't pull any punches. Several months back I profiled The Watching Hour, a weekly film series hosted by the Denver Film Society and programmer Keith Garcia that serves as a sort of rough equivalent to Terror Tuesday. While horror is the norm at The Watching Hour, Keith strives to bring the Mile High City the best in genre cinema. Past screenings include Stingray Sam, with a special appearance by Cory McAbee, Pontypool (one of my favorite flicks of last year), and Foxy Brown.

Recently, Keith and fellow programmer Karla Rodriguez introduced pre-parties thematically linked to the film in question. This month, with the month of June bringing us A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors and a Dokken-filled extravaganza. With a Bollywood ripoff of A Nightmare on Elm Street playing on the big screen and nightmare-themed tunes filling the air, guests were treated to free pizza and, perhaps most important, free Stella Artois.On hand to take pictures of the event were the lovely duo Sigri Strand and Carly Rose Iglehart, who make up Paper Moon Photography.
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