You may recall the title Bitter Feast from the September 8th post "Iron Chef Mario Batali Wants To Kill You", which may just be the best headline I've ever written. At the time, Batali had just been cast in Joe Maggio's film for The House of the Devil and I Sell the Dead makers Glass Eye Pix, so I wishfully assumed that he would be playing the chef who exacts revenge against a food critic who seems to always be gunning for his work. Turns out I was wrong.

Batali is certainly in the film, but he's not the actual killer chef in question. That would be a one James LeGros, who you can see below in an exclusive clip from Bitter Feast that Glass Eye Pix have kindly given Horror Squad to premiere. The man LeGros is presently chasing is played by Joshua Leonard. It's a great little exchange and is only just one of many ordeals Leonard's character is put through throughout the film, which is exceptional, by the way.

So do check out the brief clip from Bitter Feast below. And if you happen to be in or around LA next week, you can catch the film in full on June 18th as part of the Los Angeles Film Festival. I highly recommend you do.
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