We may never see more Arrested Development, but at least Jason Bateman and Will Arnett love each other enough to never let go. They're currently making commercial shorts together with Dumb Dumb Entertainment, but they've hardly sold out to the corporations. Bateman told the New York Times that he and Arnett simply wanted to make digital shorts with friends, and thought using brand names would be a fun, improv inspired way to do it. "I'm not a seller; I'm not an advertiser. We don't claim to do that. We're just looking to make cool pieces of entertainment and just arbitrarily make that subject matter a brand's message. [In improv] , They don't care what that word is. That word can be tennis shoe. And now you're performing a sketch about a tennis shoe. It's really fun to have that creative challenge."

Their Dumb Dumb debut is a little gem called The Prom Date. Sponsored by Orbit gum, it's the first of three "dirty shorts" to be made by Bateman and Arnett. Orbit gum has always teased us about just how clean it can make our mouths feel, but Dumb Dumb promises to put it to even naughtier heights. Can a boxy, chewable square make you feel clean even if your daughter's prom date is Gob Bluth Skip McGovern from Social Studies class?

Watch and find out. The Prom Date is embedded below, and it's funny enough that the brand placement really is negligible. I have been inspired to buy more Orbit gum, though. It clearly packs an effect akin to opiates.