, Directed by W. Tray White, 2007

Synopsis: This documentary follows Jonathan "The Impaler" Sharkey aka Rocky Flash, self-proclaimed sanguinary vampire, as he hits the campaign trail in 2006, hoping to become governor of Minnesota.

My Thoughts: This film captures a certain type of socially awkward redneck white trash goth that I've run into before, but is rarely shown on film. Sharkey's a deeply disturbed pathological liar and absentee father, as well as a hard-right conservative who can't hold a single conversation without telling you about his plans to impale Bin Laden on the White House lawn whenever he gets into office.

He's an interesting subject, but the documentary is sabotaged by Sharkey's own criminal history. Instead of getting to spend time with Sharkey, filmmaker White is forced to devote a large portion of the film on interviews with his former pro wrestling buddies and his ex-wife. She sheds some interesting light on Sharkey, painting him as a split personality transvestite, but, shockingly, the filmmakers don't follow up with questions for him. Instead, they sit around a trailer and down beers with the guy. Huh.

It's a short, messy doc about a fringe weirdo, but it's on Netflix streaming if you'd like to see it for yourself.

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