With the new version of TheKarate Kidopening in theaters this weekend, let's imagine another kind of remake of the classic film, one in which Johnny (William Zabka) wins the tournament and trophy. Don't like that idea? Maybe it's only Zabka himself who dreams about such an ending, fantasizing about it from his trailer home while surrounded by the actors who played his Cobra Kai brethren. This is part of the premise of a No More Kings music video from a few years back that Zabka wrote, directed and starred in. The song is called "Sweep the Leg," which references the memorable line spoken by Martin Kove in the original film. Kove also appears in the video reprising his role as the Cobra Kai sensei, Kreese, and for some reason plays another part that pays homage to Randall 'Tex' Cobb's bounty hunter character from Raising Arizona.

More logical allusions pay tribute to Back to School(Zabka wears his diving team suit and jacket from the film), the music video for The Cars' "You Might Think" (also a bit hit in 1984) and The Matrix(because as overused as it is, the timeslice effect just had to be employed). And is Ralph Macchio driving Joe Pesci's car from My Cousin Vinny? Either way, yeah, there's a cameo from Macchio at the end, so watch the video all the way through. Don't get your heart set on seeing Mr. Miyagi, though, as Pat Morita unfortunately died before this was made. Still, why no Elizabeth Shue, who has no problem playing/parodying herself, and why no homage to Zabka's third '80s villain role, from Just One of the Guys ? It's all okay, because you do get to hear Rob Garrison re-shout one of my favorite Karate Kid lines, "get him a bodybag! Yeah!" And you get to see a fat Mr. Belding -- well, the actor who played him, Dennis Haskins.

Watch the music video after the jump.