Ever take a punch to the gut? That's probably what this news will feel like to Terry Gilliam who's poured years of his life into The Man Who Killed Don Quixote only to see one production crumble and his never ending attempt to revitalize without a light at the end of the tunnel. As reported by Pajiba, Warner Bros. is teaming up with producer Joel Silver to fast track their own version of Miguel Cervantes' story.

The plan is to develop it as a tentpole picture, which will likely go way beyond Gilliam's supposed $25 million budget. What will they do with the wads of cash? Anything and everything they can to make it appeal to the masses, of course, even if it means distorting the story. The article explains this version of Don Quixote will be a swashbuckling version à la Pirates of the Caribbean and will alter the original tale so that our hero isn't actually out of his mind. Prepare yourself for a fantasy world in which the windmills really are giant, Quixote is really a chivalrous hero and, most importantly, there's a happy ending.

It's hard to conjure up excitement when the film version of Don Quixote has been Gilliam's project for so long. With the recent advancements - positive rumblings and Ewan McGregor's casting – a glimmer of hope has returned and I can't help but to keep my fingers crossed for the guy. He's certainly a successful filmmaker and in no need of sympathy, but it would be nice to finally see the day when the film is a sure thing and this whole buzz-then-blunder cycle would be a thing of the past.
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