Of the three Wrong Turn films, part two is generally considered to be the best of the bunch. The director, Joe Lynch, whose background was primarily within the realm of music videos, had some serious balls when he signed on to that film. I can't imagine it's an easy decision to take reigns of a mediocre slasher as your first film. As it turns out, thanks to a pretty solid script, a good cast and a bit of luck, Lynch has become a pretty big name in the world of horror. As it turns out, we'll soon be getting his second foray into the genre with the Knights of Badassdom.

According to the website Bleeding Cool, Summer Glau, who played the ass kicking psychic River Tam in the much beloved Firefly series and its big screen counterpart Serenity, will play a LARPer in the Joe Lynch directed horror-comedy about a group of Live Action Role Players who face off against a bunch of demons. Peter Dinklage, Ryan Kwanten, Steve Zahn and Danny Pudi also star, with the screenplay being composed by Kevin Dreyfuss and Matt Wall, the latter of whom served as production executive on Session 9.

While the cast itself is pretty damned impressive - Danny Pudi of Community fame is freakin' hilarious - the inclusion of Summer Glau playing a LARPer is pretty much every nerds ultimate wet dream come to life.

Knights of Badassdom begins filming next month in Spokane, Washington. Special thanks to Dread Central for the heads up.
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