Scene from GhostI promised myself I wouldn't cry today. I lied. Truth is, it all seemed such a merry wheeze a few weeks back when I came up with the idea of listing the ten saddest movie moments ever. Now I'm a blubbering wreck in need of a hug.

To be honest, there's hundreds of scenes that could justify a place in this heart-breaking line-up (and feel free to let us know your favourites in the comments below). Special mention should go to some near misses though, such as the end of Kes (when the brother kills the bird), or the standing on the chairs bit in Dead Poets Society. Or what about the end of Brokeback Mountain... oh, here come the waterworks again.

Take a look below at the ten saddest movie scenes in movie history after the jump while I go and find some more tissues... blub.
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