Nothing impresses the ladies like a full, 48 inch Klingon Batleth. I know this from experience.

Okay, not really. I'm actually not sure how the cute co-worker you finally work up the nerve to ask out will react to your apartment filled with amazing Star Trek stuff. Chances are strong that she'll suddenly remember that she has to feed her uncle's dog or that she left the stove on or that her bed's on fire and then she'll be gone, just like that, leaving you alone in your den of geekery, alone with your Enterprise USB webcam, your Starfleet uniform wetsuit, your captain's command chair, your highly detailed Enterprise Bridge wall decals and your Klingon ship corkscrew, which you were hoping to use on that special bottle of wine you've been saving for a night like this.

Those are all real items and if you have the time, the money and willpower to probably not get laid for a good long while, they can all be yours. Of course, this awesome merchandise will also transform your living space into the ultimate Star Trek barometer...anyone who can stand being in there is definitely someone to hold onto!
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