Had enough of '80s remakes after this past weekend? Good, because Hollywood is entering the 1990s. Actually, Brett Ratner might have already kicked off the trend with recent plans to redo House Party, but now we're fully into the decade with the very early development of a Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead rehash. According to Pajiba(which considers this an '80s remake for some reason), the project, based on the 1991 showcase for TV star Christina Applegate, is being produced by The Mark Gordon Company (The Messenger; 2012) and is currently out to writers.

And dang it if Keith Coogan isn't crying somewhere. Between this and the Adventures in Babysitting remake and the very likelihood of both Toy Soldiers and Hiding Out being revisited at some point, the poor guy's career is the latest being made obsolete. I just hope his replacement isn't made to utter his iconic line, "the dishes are done, man." I don't know of any young actor who could do it justice. In the original, Coogan and Applegate played teen siblings whose elderly babysitter dies while their mother is vacationing in Australia.
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