I'm pretty sure I'm the oldest guy here at Horror Squad, but even I'm not so ancient as to remember the days of radio dramas. Before television, radio was the medium of choice for telling stories and the airwaves were filled with programs catering to a variety of different tastes. The advent of television kinda eliminated the need for narratives told only through audio, but Larry Fessenden and Glenn McQuaid are hoping to bring the form back with their new series, Tales from Beyond the Pale.

Fessenden and McQuaid are the brains behind Glass Eye Pix, purveyors of horror films like I Sell the Dead and the upcoming The Innkeepers. The filmmakers explain that the project was "conceived during a fog-drenched car ride with nothing out the windshield but an horizon-less void," and was inspired by programs from years past featuring names like Peter Lorre and Alfred Hitchcock.. That's pretty lofty inspiration.

Fessenden will host each thirty minute episode, which will feature stories and voice acting from talents old and new -- including Ti West, Paul Solet, Douglas Buck, and Don Coscarelli. The tales will work to create an aural landscape for the listener through the use of sound, dialogue, and music. "Glenn and I wanted to celebrate the written word and the power of sound design in approaching this project. We also found if you cut out cameras and lights, you can tell stories a lot cheaper," Fessenden jokes.

Tales from Beyond the Pale episodes enter production this August, with the series set to debut on Halloween. Listeners will be able to download episodes through the website, iTunes, and Amazon -- both as single shows or as sets. No word on pricing yet.

Cruise by Rue Morgue's Abbatoir blog to read to check out the full list of talent they've lined up for this project.
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