It's strange to me the films that wind up as franchises. Obviously something like Saw or Hellraiser lends itself to sequel after sequel since there is an identifiable villain you can return to, but I would not have predicted that Gold Circle Films would turn The Haunting in Connecticut into a film franchise. I'm not sure why - it makes absolute sense from a business perspective - but I guess my indifference to the first blinded me toward its sequel potential. When they announced a second film, The Haunting in Georgia, I didn't think much of it, but now they've officially announced The Haunting in New York with Georgia's turn still yet to even be seen.

Sean Hood, who recently did some rewrites on the shooting script for Marcus Nispel's Conan remake, is currently writing the script (making this the horror sequel he mentioned in our chat on Sci-Fi Squad for the Cube 2: Hypercube movie club). No directors or stars are attached yet, but Hood does go into a litlte bit of detail on his personal blog about the project. Given that one of the first things I always want to know about projects like this is how much of it is actually "true", as they so lovingly advertise, his post is a particularly interesting read as it addresses just that. From his site:
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